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Programowanie liczników     Odometer programming tool     Programador del odómetro     Tachoprogrammiergerät     Piyasadaki en iyi sayacı programlama aracı  

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DEMO: Diag prog 3 - odometer programming tool

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Technical specification

  • 3 input - output lines, operation speed up to 8 MHz (0..5V)

  • 10 input - output lines, operation speed up to 4 MHz (0..5V)

  • 12 input lines, operation speed up to 16 MHz (0..5V)

  • 11 output lines, operation speed up to 16 MHz (0..5V)

  • 1 output lines, operation speed up to 1 Mhz

  • RS232 interface (voltage level 0..5 V and 0..15V)

  • CAN-BUS interface (in accordance with ISO 9141 standard) for low speed and high speed

  • CAN-BUS interface (GMW3089v2.4 General Motors Corporation specification)

  • CCD-BUS interface

  • BDLC interface (in accordance with SAE J1850)

  • 2 K-line interface (in accordance with ISO 9141 standard)

  • SPI interface (Master - Slave)

  • 2 analog input (0..15V)

  • +12 V, relay-driven output (5A)

  • +2..5 V, relay-driven output (1A)

  • PWM outputs, for timing generating

  • casing that can be use in car services

  • 4MB or 8MB flash-memory, expandable by MMC,MMC Plus or SD card

  • 320 x 240 colour display with 256 colours

  • touch screen controler with autocalibration

  • two board constuction what is simple and low cost in service

  • heavy-duty SD/MMC card connector

  • authorisation to 4000 programs by means of the Internet

  • service menu in seven languages: Polish, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian

  • specialised software, which enables data transfer between the appliance and a PC computer, attached to the tester

  • software update features through the Internet or by means of a USB 2.0

  • MMC,MMC Plus or SD card with FAT32

  • restore old MCU files without connecting to ElproSys server

  • Security Update fully trough internet

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