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DiagProg history

DiagProg 3
In 2000 the ElproSys company began production of DiagProg devices, used for programming odometers and other electronic car modules. 10 years of continuous improvement of equipment, based on an examination of customer needs and adapting to technological developments, led to the creation of ultra-modern DiagProg III in its current form - most often chosen diagnostic tester in the world.
Here are the DP3 predecessors:

DiagProg 2
In spite of permanent progress on PC market resulting in frequent alteration of software (operating systems) as well as operation parameters of personal computers - the ElproSys Company introduced to the marked the own standard of a portable computer, which is power-supplied from the vehicle diagnostic plug. It means, that in respect to the new appliance called DiagProg II we got rid of the problems related to non-compatibility and different operation clock rate of PC computers. The new device has a feature to update software version - current software release is always available from our web site. The new equipment has been designed purposely to meet needs of those customers who are not advanced PC users. Its easy-to-use features enable performing non-trouble service operation even by a car electrician.

Technical performances of DiagProg II much surpass parameters of PCs:
  • 11 input - output lines, operation speed up to 4 MHz (0..5V)
  • 12 input lines, operation speed up to 4 MHz (0..5V)
  • 11 output lines, operation speed up to 4 MHz (0..5V)
  • RS232 interface (voltage level 0..5 V and 0..15V)
  • CAN-BUS interface (in accordance with ISO 11898 standard)
  • K-line interface (in accordance with ISO 9141 standard)
  • SPI interface (Master - Slave)
  • analog output (0..15V)
  • +12 V, relay-driven output
  • 2 PWM outputs, for timing generating
  • casing that can be use in car services
  • flash-memory, options: 1 MB or 3 MB (for customer's order)
  • authorisation to 900 programs by means of the Internet, fax or telephone passwords
  • service menu in four languages: Polish, English, German and French
  • software update features through the Internet or by means of a standard RS 232 cable
  • specialised software, which enables data transfer between the appliance and a PC computer, attached to the tester

DiagProg 1 (CodiSys)
The appliance used for programming integrated circuits that control dashboard equipment of various makes vehicles is a software product of ElproSys that has been known for quite a long time. Such programming is indispensable in several cases, e.g. when a faulty speedometer has been replaced and new settings must be entered according to old indications of the dashboard equipment. Depending on a version, the system makes also possible to repair programmable dashboard after breakdown and is one from only few appliances that enable in-circuit programming of microchips (with no need of de-soldering).

Diagnostic tester for cars Diagprog3 is the best one on the market. Check it yourself!