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We would like to invite all customers to exchange DiagProg3 device for DiagProg4 at "EXCHANGE 2017" promotion.
Exchange your old equipment now and save more than 700 euro.

Terms & conditions:


All prices are gross (23% VAT tax is included).
Prices do not include software only hardware!!!

*SPECIAL REBATE: All clients who exchange DiagProg3 device for DiagProg4 at "EXCHANGE 2017" promotion will receive license transfer free of charge.

Do not wait – exchange DiagProg3 device for DiagProg4 now!!!

IMPORTANT: Please note that in order to exchange DiagProg3 device for DiagProg4 tester, it is necessary to return DiagProg3 device to dealer/ Elprosys at a set date.

Failure to do that by the due date will result in additional fee of 2.500 EURO net.

Promotion runs between 07.06.2017 until 30.06.2017 or while stock lasts.

DiagProg4 – FULL includes:

- DiagProg4 – tester, - Big case - Organizer, - mic roSDHC card – 8 GB, - Test adapter, - USB link, - Power supply adapter from a car lighter, - Additional set of rubber bumpers, - CD + warranty card. - Full set of cables and adapters: Key Programmer, NEC adapter, Parallel Adapter, C1 cable, C2 cable, C3 cable, C4 cable, C5 cable, C6 cable, C7 cable, C8 cable, C9 cable, C10 cable, C11 cable, C12 cable, C13 cable, C14 cable, C16 cable, C17 cable, C18 cable, C19 cable, C20 cable, C21 cable, C22 cable, D1 cable, D2 cable, D3 cable + Multiplexer, D4 cable, D5 cable, D6 cable, D7 cable, D8 cable, D9 cable, D10 cable, D11 cable, D12 cable, D14 cable, D15 cable, D16 cable, D17 cable, D18 cable, D19 cable, D20 cable, D21 cable, D22 cable, D23 cable, D24 cable, D25 cable, D26 cable, D27 cable, D28 cable, D29 cable, D30 cable, D31 cable.

Diagnostic tester for cars Diagprog3 is the best one on the market. Check it yourself!